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How Is Individual Therapy Done?

With Agalma Therapy, your individual therapy in San Diego will usually start with an assessment session. Here, we’ll primarily devote time in establishing what the counseling process will look like for you. I will also work with you in understanding your background, discussing your specific concerns and triggers you want to address throughout our treatment. 

Psychotherapy sessions may last between 45 to 50 minutes, but note that the duration and frequency of therapy will ultimately depend on your needs, goals and progress. Most issues are usually resolved with short-term treatment, but more complex or chronic concerns often require longer sessions. 

Ultimately, as your reliable therapist in San Diego, rest assured that you’ll find a nurturing and non-judgmental space here at Agalma Therapy.

When Is It Best To Seek Individual Psychotherapy?

It may be time to search for “individual therapy near me” if a concern is causing distress or interfering with your daily life. This could be negative thoughts, behaviors, feelings or even bodily sensations like pain. It may also be best to seek on-site or online therapy if certain concerns are leaving you feeling overwhelmed or hopeless. 

With all of this said, make sure you don’t wait until you develop severe symptoms before going to therapy. Working with a licensed therapist in San Diego can help you understand your thought processes, learn about self-soothing techniques, express your emotions in a healthy manner and ultimately lead fulfilling lives.  

How Is Couples Counseling Done?

Couples therapy in San Diego with Agalma Therapy usually begins with individual interviews. You will be answering questionnaires which I’ll process to better understand your relationship dynamics. We will also take this time to dive deep into both of your families, values and cultural background. Moreover, I’ll work with you in determining the issue that we’ll focus on addressing throughout the sessions so I can establish a personalized treatment structure.

Going forward, I will guide you through our sessions using the Gottman Method. It is an evidence-based form of couples counseling designed by Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman that combines therapeutic interventions with couples exercises. 

Throughout the following sessions (which you’ll decide the frequency and duration of), I’ll work with you in identifying and addressing natural defenses that keep you from effectively communicating with each other. Most importantly, I will guide you through disarming conflicting verbal communication, strengthening your friendship and creating a deeper sense of understanding. 

As your Gottman-trained therapist in San Diego, I am here to help you rebuild your trust and discover healthier ways to cope with issues that may come your way.

When Is It Best To Seek Couples Therapy?

By searching for “best couples counseling near me” and landing on this page, know that your proactive approach is the necessary first steps toward rekindling your romantic relationship. Research shows that couples deal with conflict and emotional disconnect for an average of six years before seeking professional help. 

If you are observing any of these signs with your partner, you could benefit from seeking couples therapy in San Diego sooner than later: 

  • Unpleasant communication habits that escalate conflicts 
  • Distance and feelings of loneliness 
  • Trust issues/Difficulty relying on a partner
  • Extreme dependence on or extreme independence from the partner 
  • Disagreement on decision-making, parenting styles and financial management leading to conflict 
  • Struggles with in-laws, friendships and other relationships
  • Difficulties with work or life stressors that are starting to affect the relationship

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I learned that life is a constant transition and that in order to be able to navigate it I needed to have good anchors. I believe change comes from establishing a unique relationship with the therapist that helps create a new relationship with yourself.

I enjoy working with adults experiencing anxiety, relationship difficulties, life transitions, and people trying to find their place in the world.

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