Individual Counseling

Individual therapy $180 per session

Feeling overwhelmed and struggling to process difficult emotions is a frequent experience for most of us. You may look at other people’s lives and think they’re living differently. These feelings and thoughts of disconnectedness are valid and can be painful and challenging to deal with.

This situation has been exacerbated by the events of the past couple of years. Adjusting to it has been an everyday effort, and anyone can struggle with inventing new ways to relate to their partner, family and friends.

Certainly, life has changed in many different ways. Finding new relationships, managing the ones that we already have, or making decisions about ending a relationship can be greatly overwhelming.

Thankfully, there is a silver lining. I have counseled many individuals through the life circumstances and changes unique to them and it’s my ultimate goal to ensure you get the full benefits of individual therapy online and in person.

By learning communication and listening skills, understanding relationship patterns, understanding your needs, and processing events that have created emotional distress, you can indeed lead a more fulfilling life.

What Is Individual Counseling?

Individual counseling is a process through which individuals work with a trained mental health professional one-on-one. This allows you to explore your feelings, behaviors and beliefs without judgment, identifying parts of your life you can actively change and working through internal challenges. Individual therapy allows you to gain control over your life and equips you with the necessary coping skills so you can be empowered to navigate challenging situations.

There are many different approaches to individual counseling in San Diego. Some models, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), provide a more educational process in which you will learn tools to help you navigate life differently.

How Can Individual Counseling Help

Individual counseling can help you deal with your life challenges in the following ways:

  • Learn communication and listening skills that can help you navigate conflict, improve emotional connection, and have more fulfilling relationships.
  • Recognize relationship patterns and avoid repeating painful situations and finding yourself in similar circumstances.
  • Learn tools that can help you manage anxiety more effectively.

Cognitive distortions refer to the different ways in which we navigate reality in a distorted or inaccurate manner. A few common examples are catastrophizing, where we anticipate worst-case scenarios and overlook positive factors. Polarized thinking is another common cognitive distortion. In other words, it is all-or-nothing (black and white) thinking and ignoring gray areas.

Cognitive distortions lead to suffering. Awareness of the kinds of distortions we use in our reality interpretation can help us manage and relate to situations differently, basing our judgments on facts rather than opinions. Once you are aware of the cognitive distortions in your life, you can find it easier to identify triggers, allowing you to navigate your emotions in a healthy manner.

Why Individual Counseling is Right for You

Many hesitate to seek help due to the stigma around mental health. However, you don’t have to be diagnosed with a disorder to seek counseling. If you are going through a challenging time and feel like you need help, that’s a good enough reason. Individual and anxiety therapy is beneficial to everyone who is experiencing the following issues:

  • Recent trauma
  • Extreme emotions
  • Loss of interest in favored activities
  • Substance abuse
  • Professional problems
  • Strained personal relationships
  • Concern from family or friends

No matter how simple or complex your concerns are, therapy can help.

Top Benefits of Individual Counseling

Achieving better mental health is a process, so no matter what you go through, you can gain needed support through counseling. The following are the top benefits of seeking individual therapy:

Personalized Care

Our individual counseling in San Diego gives you access to therapy suited to your needs. You can talk through your current concerns and create goals to take back control of your life. Whether you are encountering difficulties coping with a recent change or you want to get to know yourself better, I can help you create a customized plan suited to your needs.

Receive One-on-One Attention

With individual therapy, you get the undivided attention of a trained professional. In this one-on-one setting, you get a safe space to freely explore your thoughts and feelings so you can understand yourself better.

Move at Your Own Pace

There’s no need to rush when working with me. When you choose my individual counseling in San Diego, you are entirely in control – including the pace of your growth.


Confidentiality is of utmost importance in my counseling practice, whether it be for individual or anxiety therapy.

Develop a Fresh Perspective

Lastly, individual counseling is an opportunity to develop a fresh perspective on how you view yourself. Your sessions will help you explore your conscious and unconscious habits and beliefs that may be hindering you. Through counseling, you can identify the behaviors that are not serving you so you can work towards adopting a healthy mindset.

Agalma Therapy Offers Specialized Counseling for Individuals

I believe there’s a gem to be found in each person and my goal is to guide you to a more enriched life. One of the most important things for me is that you feel seen and heard. My approach is compassionate, warm, caring and direct. I have been counseling individuals through anxiety, relationship difficulties and life transitions.

If you have been searching for specialized individual therapy online, Agalma Therapy offers individual counseling services to help you achieve a more fulfilling future.

Born and raised in Mexico City, I practiced therapy outside the United States for several years before coming to the country. I, myself, experienced difficulty in transitioning personally and professionally. But my combined training and first-hand experience enabled me to understand myself and my relationships – and continue to do so. This is what I bring to each session of therapy counseling.

Whether you have found me through a referral or online, you can count on me to provide you with support tailored to your needs. Let’s get in touch. Call (619) 724-2216 or email me at