What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, also known as “Talk therapy”, is a way to help people manage their mental health and emotional difficulties. One of the most important things in therapy is the relationship you will establish with your therapist. This relationship is like no other relationship in your life. It is a nurturing, non-judgmental, and compassionate relationship that it’s not based on demands and expectations from you. Psychotherapy can provide a variety of tools for you to be able to navigate life difficulties and help you feel more fulfilled. 

How does psychotherapy work?

Each process is unique. Psychotherapy can be compared to a chess game: we know how it starts and how it ends, but we can’t know how the match will develop. Typically, you will talk about whatever is on your heart and mind. You will be able to discuss your life concerns, struggles, and successes during sessions. It is standard to meet once per week for approximately 45 minutes for individual therapy and 50 minutes for couple’s therapy. Therapy can be short-term, whenever we focus on specific problems, or longer-term whenever we are addressing more complex issues or ongoing processing and personal growth.     

How can psychotherapy help me?

There is a number of benefits from participating in psychotherapy. It provides tools that can help you understand yourself and others and to have more fulfilling relationships. Therapy can help manage anxiety, depression, social interactions, relationship conflicts, help you invent new solutions to old problems, improve communication and listening skills, and feel more comfortable within yourself and others.   

How does couples counseling work?

I’ve been trained and practicing The Gottman Method, an evidence-based model that has been proven to help couples improve their relationship. It is structured at the beginning. We do something called an assessment, in which we look for areas of strength and areas of growth. Based on that assessment, we create a treatment plan that provides tools to improve areas that need work such as conflict management, communication skills, intimacy, emotional connection, etc. While we will dedicate some time to working on conflict areas, I strongly believe that time should also be spent on strengthening friendship and positive areas. It is recommended a minimum of 10 sessions to gain basic communication skills.

Do you accept insurance?

I am not presently accepting insurance; but I’m happy to provide you with a “superbill” that you can submit to your health insurance provider should you choose to do so. It is important that you contact your health insurance provider to ask about “out of network” provider coverage for mental health treatment. I cannot guarantee whether your insurance provider will reimburse you for your treatment.

How much does therapy cost?
Individual sessions are $160 per session. 
Couples sessions are $175 per session. 
I also have some available spots for sliding scale clients. This spots are for people who are going through financial hardship or have difficulty covering my full fee. It can be discussed on case by case basis.