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Managing conflict, improving your relationship and living a fulfilling life alongside your partner may sound easier in theory than in practice, however, it can happen. A professional specializing in therapy for relationship issues can help, allowing you to reconnect emotionally with the person you have chosen to be with.

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In-Person and Online Couples Counseling

Do you find yourself arguing with your partner about the same issue repeatedly? Research shows that 69% of relationship problems are “perpetual problems”, that is, topics that when they come up, they typically lead to conflict. While we may want a conflict-free relationship, research shows that one conflict per week is normal in a relationship. What’s the difference then between relationships that are fulfilling and ones that are painful? The answer is having a solid friendship and a strong emotional connection. When we start having more moments of conflict than positive experiences, relationships start to feel overwhelming and imbalanced. Therefore, focusing on creating more positive interactions will result in managing conflict better.

You may feel alone and disconnected from your partner. While you probably think both of you are just living on parallel tracks instead of enjoying life together.

I am Faride Herran, a trained couple counseling professional and I will assist you in navigating the areas that you may have overlooked, causing you to have these valid feelings and thoughts:

  • You likely didn’t learn to talk in the same place your partner did. This can lead to feeling misunderstood and unheard.
  • Friendship is not established or enhanced, preventing you from having conversations that help relieve some of your stress and feel emotionally connected to your partner.
  • Sometimes, relationships go through regrettable incidents, such as betrayal. This situation creates distance, resentment and emotional injuries that need to be processed appropriately.

Working through intense feelings is not always easy, and healing from betrayal might be difficult. But they are not impossible to achieve. Therapy for relationship issues can be a safe place where you can express yourself in a healthy way and process and heal from regrettable incidents.

Couples will be learning communication tools that will not only serve them for their current relationship, but also for other areas of life such as work relationships, family relationships, friendships, etc.

The Gottman Method: What Makes the Best Online Couples Counseling in San Diego Possible

You may have landed here by searching for “marriage counseling in San Diego.” Among all the options available, I offer a reliable, evidence-based model for couple counseling: the Gottman Method.

Backed by several decades of research proving its effectiveness, this approach is specifically designed for working with couples. At the beginning of the process, couples counseling is structured to allow the therapist to determine the areas of strength and discover places of opportunity in your relationship.

The Gottman Method has specific exercises for the following:

  • Working on conflict management
  • Processing past emotional injuries
  • Learning to have intimate conversations
  • Strengthening your friendship

I believe that focusing only on problems might help. However, investing time in rebuilding emotional connection, trust and friendship can have a more significant positive impact.

Why Choose Relationship Therapy in San Diego

According to research, couples deal with conflict and emotional disconnect for an average of six years before they seek outside help. So whether you are trying to prevent future difficulties or you have reached the last straw in your relationship, couples therapy will give you invaluable tools in navigating relationship transitions:

  • It teaches listening and communication skills, which can improve your relationship and make emotional reconnection possible.
  • It helps establish or reestablish friendship, one of the foundations of any relationship. This enables you to have conversations that can serve as an outlet for your stress. You may also feel heard and validated by your partner. Knowing you can talk to and trust them with your feelings is linked to relationship satisfaction.
  • It empowers you to heal from regrettable events, such as betrayal. This is a crucial need so you can create a new version of your relationship.

Why Entrust Your Relationship to Faride Herran – In-Person and Online Couples Counseling Professional

Working with a professional specializing in relationship therapy is a two-way street. It’s about having a guide who can walk you through relationship transitions as much as it is about coming to each session with the intention of helping yourselves.

By partnering with me, you can count on me to meet you where you need me the most. I offer you the following:

Extensive Psychotherapy Experience

I was born and raised in Mexico City. I trained and practiced therapy in my home country for years before moving to the United States. During this transition, I experienced difficulty both in my personal and professional life.

But this first-hand experience, combined with training, enabled me to understand myself and my relationships – and continue to do so. This is what I bring to each session of therapy counseling.

Personalized Couples Therapy

As I said, I use an evidence-based approach to ensure effective counseling for couples. This involves an initial assessment, allowing me to create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

I offer in-person and online telehealth counseling to couples in San Diego as well as throughout California.

Whether you’re looking to prevent future conflicts or working on emotional reconnection, you deserve the best couples counseling in San Diego.

Let’s get to know each other. You may reach me through any of these options:

I offer a free 15-minute consult call in which I will explain how I work, learn about what you’re looking for and to see if we’re the right fit.

Frequently Asked Questions for In-Person and Online Marriage Counseling Near Me in San Diego

How Does Therapy for Relationship Issues Work? With the help of an expert in relationship therapy in San Diego, you will get to know areas of strength and opportunity in your relationship. This assessment will determine the direction your treatment plan will take.

Keep in mind that we will use a process called the Gottman Method, which requires a minimum of 15 sessions.

Is Couple Counseling Right For You?

You may feel alone or disconnected even if you’re a part of a relationship. And even if you want to discuss it together, there is just too much going on between you and your partner.

Couple counseling provides a way for you to process what’s happening and allows you to reconnect emotionally, heal or simply express yourself and hear each other out.

Do You Provide Insurance?

I am not presently accepting insurance, but I’m happy to provide you with a “superbill” that you can submit to your health insurance provider should you choose to do so. It’s important that you contact your health insurance provider to ask about “out of network” provider coverage for mental health treatment. I cannot guarantee whether your insurance provider will reimburse you for your treatment.